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Ed Easterling

I Want To Be Your District 24 Senator

About Ed

I was born in Texas and lived there until the age of 12. My parents divorced and my mother married a gentleman from Twin Falls. We moved to Twin Falls in 1965. I attended Twin Falls High and graduated from there. While attending school and working I met my future wife who is a fourth generation resident of Twin Falls County. Her great-grandfather settled on a farm south of Twin Falls.

My wife and I were married in the Frist Christian Church of Kimberly and have been married for 55 years. We have two sons three grandchildren and one greatgrand child. They all live in and work in Twin Falls.

After graduating from high school we both attended the College of Southern Idaho after attending CSI we transferred to Boise State University we both graduated with BA Degrees in Social Work. We then attended graduate school at the University of Northern Colorado. I obtained a MA degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. After graduating we returned to Idaho where I was employed by the Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. I was also employed by the Idaho Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired both state of Idaho agencies. I retired from the Idaho Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired in 2005. My wife and I own our present home and have resided in Kimberly for the past 24 years. My wife grew up and attended all 12 years of school in Kimberly. She is a graduate of Kimberly High. Her father was a partner in McCarty Gravel Company. Her great-grandfather Ed McCarty was well known throughout Twin Falls County. My wife and I believe in strong family values. We want to make sure that Idaho continues to grow and that it has the best schools in the country. I am committed to working for the people of District 24 and the people of Idaho.

Where Ed Stands


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It should be noted that President Lincoln who is credited with founding the Republican party is responsible for our present day income tax.

In order for government to provide necessary services there has to be some way of paying for the running of the government. In Idaho we fund our state government by collecting taxes on the income of the individual and business. We also have a tax on our property.

I'm a fiscal conservative. We should pay no more tax then then what is needed to take care of services that are necessary.

I see a major problem with reducing property taxes. The problem is that in Idaho there are over a thousand taxing districts and each of them get a 3 per cent tax increase every year. This issue needs more study to determine how to reduce the property tax.

pThe Income tax issue is which group of payers should pay the most. Should businesses pay more than the working people. I would need to study this issue more.

We should do away with the state grocery tax as this would benefit the working families.

We should allow local communities to approve local option taxes.


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I'm a strong supporter of public education. Both the United States and the Idaho Constitutiones grantees a free public education. In order to have a democratic government the people must be able to understand what is happening. The way this is done is to insure that not only people who can afford to pay for an education but that everyone receives the same education. Currently our schools especially in the rural areas of the state are in need of funding for repairs and maintenance of their facilities.


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Idaho has a history of supporting women's rights. In 1896 Idaho was the third state to give women the right to vote long before the 19th Amendment was approved giving women the right to vote. I support women's rights to make their own decisions about reproductive issues.


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Idaho opposes the Federal government overreacting into areas that are the right of the state. I'm opposed to the states overreacting into local government. Iocal government such as libraries and school districts are better able to determine what rules work best for them.


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An important issue thats facing Idaho and the rest of the country is the number of people that are being incarcerated in our prisons. There's already an overcrowding problem here in Idaho. We are going to have to come up with ways of dealing with this for the lowest cost to the state.


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I support health care for all Idahoans. The people of Idaho support expanded Medicade . I a ml also support expanded Medicare. We need to explore ways of providing health insurance to citizens who cannot afford the cost add to cover the insurance.


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Legislation should be passed to protect grazing rights by making property rights for those who have grazing permits on federal government allotments. We must do all in our power to protect private property rights.


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Our greatest resource is our water. Water drives the economic system of our state. Without our surface and ground water our economy would disappear. We will need leaders who will work to protect this valuable resource.